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With the decision to spend your holiday in the Holiday Bay, you have the opportunity to create your recreation in the way you always desired for. Hundreds of attractions in the neighbourhood, a wide offer for sportsfans (not only for watersports) and a lot of offers for familys will let you fall in love with this place!

It doesn`t matter if you prefer a calm environment, far away from the hectic, or just want to take a plunge into the Hot Spot, here you will find the right place for you for sure!

A vacation the way you like

The most of us are thinking about wide, white beaches and a heavenly blue water according to the word “holiday”. Władysławowo, Łeba, Jastrzębia Góra belong to the Top Ten of the holiday destinations and are paradise places for those, who are looking for the special experience and want to focus on themselves. You might think, all these spaces are perheaps similar, because of their location directly at the sea, but they aren`t! Convince yourself of their uniqueness! In the middle of the sea rushing and bright beaches you can relax and explore the spirit of the landscape and their residents.

Stories about the sea 

Władysławowo | Łeba | Puck | Jastrzębia Góra 

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The city triangle is an exciting example of symbiotic relationship of three, so similar and so different cities: the modern, vivid harbour Gdynia, the cosy spa resort Sopot and Gdansk with his magic cultural heritage. 

This surprising mix of Avantgarde and tradition includes a lot of mysteries, you have to explore! Just discover the cute small historic areas, restaurants with delicious, regional food and people you will fall in love with, because of their kindness and openess. 

The mysterious city triangle

Gdynia | Sopot | Gdańsk

The peninsula is an one more very exciting place in the polish landscape.

This is a kind of Mekka not only for the fans of water sports, but also for all people who appreciate the unique conditions in the Gdansk Bay. This is an 35 kilometers long, white beach paradise for all those, who are dreaming of the relaxing at the endless sea. You can watch the local fishermans at work or visit all the cute, wonderful places. 

Helska Kosa

Chałupy | Kuźnica | Jastarnia | Jurata | Hel

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